Ticket Vending Machine
UML Diagram Examples

Ticket vending machine is a vending machine that sells and produces tickets to commuters. This kind of a machine is a combination of both hardware and software, and it is only a part of the whole system selling tickets to the customers.

Here we provide several examples of UML diagrams:

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Purpose: Show that ticket vending machine allows commuters to buy tickets.

Summary: The ultimate goal of a Commuter in relation to our ticket vending machine is to buy a ticket. We have a single Purchase Ticket use case, as this vending machine is not providing any other services. Ticket vending machine is a subject of the example use case diagram. Commuter and Bank are our actors, both participating in the Purchase Ticket use case.

Next  Purchase Ticket UML activity diagram for a ticket vending machine

Purpose: An example of UML activity diagram describing behavior of the Purchase Ticket use case for a Ticket vending machine.

Summary: Activity is started by Commuter actor who needs to buy a ticket. Ticket vending machine will request trip information from Commuter. Based on the info machine will calculate payment due and request payment options. After payment is complete, ticket is dispensed to the Commuter.