UML Composite Structure Diagram Examples

Here we provide some examples of UML composite structure diagrams:

Next  Bank ATM UML composite structure diagram example

Purpose: The purpose of this diagram is to show internal structure of a bank ATM and relationships between different parts of the ATM.

Summary: Bank ATM is typically made up of several devices such as central processor unit (CPU), cryptoprocessor, memory, customer display, function key buttons (usually located near the display), magnetic and/or smartchip card reader, encrypting PIN Pad, customer receipt printer, vault, modem.

Next  Apache Tomcat 7 web server UML composite structure diagram example

Purpose: Show a simplified composite structure of a non clustered Apache Tomcat 7 web server.

Summary: A Server element represents Catalina servlet container of Apache Tomcat 7 web server. It is a single outermost element in the conf/server.xml configuration file. Server element could contain optional Global Naming Resources component and one or more Services. Each Service element is a composition of Executors and Connectors that share a single Engine component.

Next  Observer design pattern as UML collaboration use example

Purpose: An example of UML collaboration representing Observer design pattern.

Summary: Observer pattern is a behavioral software design pattern in which a subject maintains a list of subscribers called observers and notifies them of any state changes usually by calling one of their methods. Once state change notification is received observer can request current state of the subject.