UML Timing Diagram Examples

Here we provide some examples of UML timing diagrams:

Next  Stages of Alzheimer’s disease UML timing diagram example

Purpose: Show timeline / stages of Alzheimer’s disease as UML timing diagram.

Summary: For Alzheimer’s disease doctor may use a diagnostic framework with three to seven levels (stages). Progression through these stages may last from 8 to 10 years, and in some cases up to 20 years from the time neuron changes start. An example of UML timing diagram shows timing for the seven stage framework.

Next  Website latency UML timing diagram example

Purpose: An example of UML timing diagram which shows some duration constraints for a website, to evaluate how long a web user might wait to see something rendered on his/her display.

Summary: After a web user enters some web page URL, the URL is resolved to an IP address. Java servlet gets control and requests some data from "model". Web browser takes some time to process HTTP response and HTML page to start rendering the page view.