About The Site

Kirill Fakhroutdinov @ uml-diagrams.org 2013

I am using UML to model, analyse and document various software projects I was involved in for over a decade. As UML evolved significantly and became quite bloated, I created this web site for my own handy reference. A few folks found this site somewhat useful and wrote me supporting e-mails. Thanks!

This site follows OMG™ Unified Modeling Language™ (OMG UML®) specification (standard), and all standards are usually very hard to read and understand. If you are a UML novice, you'll need to find some textbook instead. To make things worse, as UML specification is written by a bunch of intelligent people, representing both industry and science, it is not perfect, not very consistent, and still has few obvious "bugs" (errors). I gave up submitting issues to OMG as it usually takes years to see the fix. There are still mistakes, poor descriptions and omissions to be fixed in the future versions of UML specification.

Should you find some errors in the UML specification, submit those to the OMG by using OMG Bug/Issue Reporting Form. If you find some bugs or dislikes on this site, add a comment on that page or drop me a note at uml-diagrams webmaster. I can't promise immediate fix though, as I am usually working on this site at nights and weekends.

Dear students! You are the hope and the future of the world. Really. Yours truly as well as all your Professors want you to become the best and true Professionals. So please, don't ask me to do assignments for you...

For those interested, my professional profile could be found here.

Happy UML!

Kirill Fakhroutdinov