Sentinel HASP Licensing Components

UML Component Diagram Example

An example of UML component diagram with some simplified view of provided and implemented components utilizing SafeNet Sentinel HASP Software Licensing Security Solution and Licensing API.

On the top of the diagram we have some software implemented using Sentinel HASP - License Status .Net application and License Services Java component. License Status application is intended to show license status and is manifested (implemented) by license_status.exe artifact. License Services Java component implements License Service interface and could be used by other Java applications or services.

License Status application uses License Services Net component through the License Service interface implemented by this component. The License Services Net component uses HASP .Net API provided by HASP .Net Runtime component which is part of Sentinel HASP product.

License Services Java component uses HASP Java Native Interface Proxy to communicate with HASP Java Native Interface component, both components provided by Sentinel. When product is used in Microsoft Windows, the HASP Java Native Interface could be manifested by either HASPJava.dll (32 bit OS), HASPJava_x64.dll, or HASPJava_ia64.dll (64 bit OS).

The SafeNet Sentinel LDK 6.1 Licensing API includes:

Sentinel LDK installation includes API samples for various programming languages including C, C#, Java. For example, HASP Java API includes 4 Java classes: Hasp, HaspApiVersion, HaspTime, and HaspStatus in Aladdin package. Those classes are bundled into HASPJava.jar artifact. The HASP Java API classes load and link native methods from a platform-specific native library using the System.loadLibrary() method. As we said, for Microsoft Windows the DLL library loaded is one of the HASPJava.dll, HASPJava_x64.dll, or HASPJava_ia64.dll.

An example of component diagram for a product using Sentinel HASP Software Licensing Security Solution.

An example of component diagram for a product using Sentinel HASP Software Licensing Security Solution.

Each software vendor which uses Sentinel HASP is assigned a unique batch code and corresponding vendor key. The vendor generates and uses own customized dynamic libraries implementing HASP Vendor API (Sentinel Licensing API). Those dynamic libraries are named with vendor key as a part of the file name. The format of API library names for Windows looks like:
     hasp_windows_[language/bits]_[vendorcode].[library extension]

For example,
is a 64 bit DLL API library associated with the software vendor key 99999.

When Sentinel HASP Runtime is installed in Microsoft Windows, it also installs Sentinel HASP Local License Manager manifested as hasplms.exe and running as a local Service. This service has dependency on TCP/IP Protocol Driver system component.